Chilean League Restructure | Union San Felipe: Chile #2 | Football Manager Stories

Take a look at our previous update in the VivaGlobetrotting series and you will read about our Opening Stage performance for the 2017/2018 season. However due to the Chilean restructure, of which I was unaware, it was actually a complete season.

The Restructure

From now on, a full season will take place from February until November, as opposed to July until April. It means that our Playoff last year was far more important than I had realized.

If we had beaten Universidad de Concepcion in the Playoff final we would be playing in the Primera Division for the 2018 season.

For further details on the restructure of the Chilean football leagues follow this link to Wikipedia. I will sum up the changes below:

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2016/2017 season: A normal season but with no relegation from Primera B

2017 season (transition): Opening Stage qualifies as entire season which means the winner of Primera B enters a Playoff with the 16/17 Primera B runner-up. A win against this team sets up a final against the side relegated from the Primera. The winner secures a Primera Div place for 2018.

2018 season: Transition period over so the season now runs from Feb – Nov. Two teams could be promoted from the Primera B with the winner is promoted automatically and second place entering a playoff.

Transfers and Pre-Season


The transfer window in January lasts only for one week. In addition you may only make three transfers in this window.

Due to the fantastic performance of the team over last season our manager Alejandro Hurtado neglected to change the team dramatically, instead opting to sign just one player.

The player signed is Cristian Piarrou, a right-back, and will come in to be our first-choice RB this year.


With Juan Jeraldino out with an injury over pre-season, Alejandro Monzon was given a chance to force his way into the first-team. This he did, scoring eight goals in four games.

None of the above results indicate where we are as a team. Pre-season friendlies are more of a chance to improve fitness before the new season and therefore Hurtado has generally looked to organising games against very low reputation sides.

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Opening Stage



Primera B:

USF 2-1 Magallanes

Puerto Montt 1-3 USF

Coquimbo Unido 0-2 USF



Primera B:

USF 2-0 Deportes Valdivia

Trasandino 2-6 USF

USF 4-4 Nublense

San Marcos de Arica 0-2 USF



Primera B:

Santiago Morning 1-0 USF

USF 0-2 Cobreloa

USF 0-0 Santiago Wanderers

Deportes La Serena 5-4 USF

USF 2-0 Union La Calera



Primera B:

USF 1-1 Deportes Copiapo

USF 6-1 Iberia

Rangers (CHI) 0-1 USF

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League and Expectations

opening-stage-table restructure

A poor April saw us drop down to second in the league after a delightful start. But Hurtado’s team are well-placed halfway through the season. The aim now must surely be to win promotion to the Primera Division.

Thanks for reading this sixth part of VivaGlobetrotting. The save is progressing well and the aim will be to win the Chilean Primera as soon as possible, hopefully winning the Copa de Chile on the way.

Remember the aim of VivaGlobetrotting is to win each top tier trophy (First Division Leagues and the primary Cup) from each of FM17’s South American playable nations.


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