Youth Development: Scouted | Man Utd 2019 | Football Manager 2017

Welcome to another Youth Development post. If you are new to the series, we are focussing on youngsters progressing through the Manchester United youth system.

There are two posts every year, one post looks at our homegrown talent and the second post looks at players we have scouted and bought into the club.

Let’s get straight into the developments over the 2018/2019 season for our scouted stars.

Christian Pulisic


Attribute Developments

Determination +2; Eight +1’s

Christian’s time at Man Utd is coming to an end. Despite steady improvement over the last year, during his time at the club he has not improved sufficiently to become our first choice winger/inside forward.

He spent time on loan at Everton last year, but again failed to make any impact. We’ll be saying goodbye to Christian as unfortunately for him there are simply better players coming through in his place.

Dayot Upamecano


Attribute Developments

Nine +1’s including Positioning and Jumping Reach

Dayot has improved steadily over the last year. He is somewhat fortunate in that, as a centre-back, he will be given extra time to develop before making his step up to the first team.

On the flip side he won’t be getting as much first-team football as a player higher up the pitch, therefore he may not develop as quickly.

It might be worth sending Dayot on loan over the coming season if he is not to feature in the first team.

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Francisco Trincao


Attribute Developments

Strength +2; Fifteen +1’s

Francisco is really coming along in his development. He is improving his attributes in all areas and is looking to become United’s first choice winger.

He still has a way to go to outpace the development of Angel Gomes, however with Angel being shaped more into an advanced playmaker Francisco’s way into the first team could become clear.

Trincao made 22 appearances for United (with 13 starts) and had an average rating above 7.20 in the league.

Riechedly Bazoer


Attribute Developments

Pace and Strength +1

Riechedly Bazoer has become the 3rd choice centre midfielder at Old Trafford. His selection often depends on the fitness/availability of Pogba and Kondogbia.

He made 47 appearances (24 starts), averaging just below a 7.00 rating in all competitions. He has not developed as I had hoped, and indeed could be considered fortunate to remain in the series.

However his constant presence in the first team has afforded him another season. Let’s hope Bazoer makes sharper improvements in the 19/20 season.

Thomas Buitink


Attribute Developments

Determination +4; Dribbling, Teamwork and Technique -1

What has happened to Thomas Buitink??? Only one year ago we were astounded by his rapid development, as shown below.


Now we are looking in disbelief as three of his attributes have declined by one, despite an increase in his determination by 4. So why did Thomas Buitink decline?

In the year that he improved dramatically he had regular first team football in League One, playing in 42 league matches. This year he played in just eleven league games, failing to score. Could it be this simple?

The plan with Thomas was to keep him at the club this year and improve his determination through tutoring. This we managed. But to have resulted in a decrease in three attributes (key attributes for his position too) was not expected.

Hopefully his higher determination can result in a much improved third year at United.

Facundo Colidio


Attribute Developments

Eighteen +1’s including Dribbling, Anticipation and OTB

Here is the player many of you will have been waiting for. Facundo Colidio. And yes, I am still waiting for him too.

Colidio has failed several work permit applications due to his lack of appearances for Argentina. This is a huge shame as I’m sure he would have featured heavily in the first team over the last two years.

He spent last year on loan at Udinese and will most likely have to be sent out on loan again until he plays for the Argentinean national side.

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Jens Birngruber


Jens will be replacing Christian in our Scouted posts of Youth Development. Brought in from Wolfsburg for just shy of £16M, Jens looks set to be a superstar at Old Trafford.

His attributes point towards a deep lying playmaker role, a position which could be up for grabs with Bazoer not shining in that position.

It will be interesting to see how Jens progresses over the coming season.

Thanks again for reading, I hope you all enjoyed seeing the progression of our scouted youngsters. Stay tuned for more Football Manager content with VivaLaVidaFM.

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