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Alejandro Hurtado joined Union San Felipe after a poor start to his managerial career. With less than a ten percent win ratio after 17 games as a professional manager, Alejandro needs a good start at USF to earn the trust of both the players and the fans.

Will he look to attack the league head-on or go for a more counter-attacking approach?

The plan for the following update will be as follows. Firstly we will look at how Hurtado has led his side through pre-season, followed by a look at any transfers that were made.

Afterwards we’ll look at a brief squad overview before having a look at the tactic that USF will start the season with. Finally we will take a month-by-month look at the Opening Stage of the 2017/2018 Primera B season. I hope you enjoy!



Pre-season is something I never really put much thought into on FM. Generally I like to arrange enough fixtures to ensure all of my players are match fit and to work on increasing our tactical familiarity.

However due to the extremely short transfer windows in Chile we were unable to sign any players to work with throughout pre-season. Let’s move straight on to our transfers.


As mentioned the Chile transfer window is short, just a week long, so we had to rush through a lot of deals as it took me by surprise.


Sebastian Zuniga had a bid made for him by Olimpia. Hurtado initially was hesitant to sell, however after some negotiating we were able to sell him for £300K.

For a player who we hadn’t seen play, we were happy to raise some vital cash for the club. In terms of our purchases, none of the players are world-beaters.

We’re in the second tier in Chile, we aren’t able to attract any ‘decent’ Chilean players yet. But we needed to build up our thin squad and add depth, which we have now done.

Star Players



Let’s talk about our two dynamic and star strikers. The new legends of VivaGlobetrotting. Juan and Ignacio Jeraldino are twin brothers. They will lead the line for our USF team this season and will hopefully have chemistry that no other two strikers could beat.

I’m expecting big things from the twins this year.

The Counter Tactic

At Puerto Montt Hurtado was criticised for playing a counter-attacking tactic as his team were unable to score goals (or avoid conceding for that matter).

Despite this we are going to stick with a counter-attacking tactic this year with several tweaks to the system.


Have a look at our tactic. The aim is to force the opponents to have long-shots as opposed to getting in behind our defence. We’ll remain disciplined at the back and sit deeper.

In attack we will be reliant on our star twins to breach the opposing defences. They are clearly capable of doing this. The aim is by clearing the ball to the flanks we can break quickly out wide to deliver service to our attackers.

Let’s hope this all works. Hurtado cannot afford another managerial failure.

Opening Stage



Copa de Chile: Lost v Union Espanola 5-3 on aggregate


Primera B:

Union La Calera 0-3 USF

USF 1-0 Deportes Copiapo

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Primera B:

Barnechea 0-2 USF

USF 1-1 Iberia

USF 2-0 Santiago Wanderers

Cobreloa 1-2 USF



Primera B:

Coquimbo Unido 2-0 USF

USF 4-1 Santiago Morning

USF 3-1 Deportes Valdivia

Puerto Montt 1-3 USF



Primera B:

USF 1-0 San Marcos de Arica

Rangers (CHI) 1-3 USF – Incredible 5 minute hattrick by Juan Jeraldino in the last ten won us the game. Incredible!

USF 3-2 Deportes La Serena



Primera B:

Magallanes 2-2 USF

USF 0-2 Nublense


Impressive performances led to our first piece of silverware in VivaGlobetrotting. Alejandro Hurtado has been praised by supporters of the club for bringing success to Union San Felipe.

Indeed many news outlets have praised Hurtado for sticking with his preferred counter tactic.

The reward for winning the opening stage of the Primera B is to be entered into a Playoff. From what I can see the first playoff decides who gets entered into a playoff against a side in the Primera division.

This match then gives the lower ranked side the opportunity to earn their promotion to the Primera half-a-season early regardless of where they eventually end up in Primera B.

Yes, it’s complicated!


Unfortunately we lost the Playoff Final against Universidad de Concepcion of the Primera division.

This was after beating 12th place Coquimbo Unido in the first playoff (I’m not too sure how it is selected, CU finished 2nd overall last year in the Primera B, perhaps this is the reason they were selected).

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Opening Stage Review

If you have reached this far, thank you. It has been a terrific start to life as Union San Felipe manager for Alejandro Hurtado. The counter tactic is not perfect as in recent games we have conceded far too many goals.

But in attack our Jeraldino twins are on fire and look like scoring in each and every game they play. Let’s hope for more of the same throughout the Closing Stage.

For updates on VivaGlobetrotting as it happens follow me on Twitter here: @VivaLaVidaFM

Thanks for reading! VivaLaVidaFM

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