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Another week, another two excellent FM content creators to help you find. Each week that passes more and more Football Manager content is produced, and I would like to offer up some advice to anyone thinking of starting to produce content for FM.

Start now. Easy and simple advice to follow: start now. This was advice that I followed back in August.

Despite coming to the end of the FM16 cycle I decided to get started writing then. Now I am writing better content, I have found what I like to do and how often I can do it.

Starting before FM17 was the best thing that I did. So really, don’t put it off for a couple of months, start as soon as you can.

So, on to our two newly found content creators.

FMJournal (@theFMJournal)

FMJournal is currently absorbing us in a save based at BeitarĀ Jerusalem in Israel. The above post is not the first in the series, but it discusses how the save may progress, in particular what the aims and expectations are for the save.

FMJournal goes into detail about a ten year plan where Beitar progress to become the dominant force in Israel and a prominent force in Europe.

I look forward to seeing how the save progresses!

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thewideplaymaker (@totalfootball71)

Eibar, the Spanish La Liga side from the Basque region, will play host to another brilliant FM17 series. thewideplaymaker goes into very in-depth detail on the club and describes how another kind of football is possible with the Eibar Model.

Again, the post in the tweet above is not the first in the series. It is however the first post after the season has started and gives a complete squad review in addition to a summary of the start of the season results.

Please give both of these blogs a read. Two interesting saves based in different challenging settings. It will be fun to follow along with these series.

Thanks for reading! VivaLaVidaFM

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