Shattered Dream? | Puerto Montt: Chile #4 | Football Manager Stories

Alejandro Hurtado has embarked on his managerial journey at his first employers as a player, Deportes Puerto Montt. He has previously stated that to manage the club that developed him as a player is a dream come true.

So how did young Hurtado perform in his first few months in charge of DPM?

Opening Stage


The first matches in charge of DPM ended in a close fought defeat to Primera side Deportes Temuco. The performance in both legs was impressive, keeping the ball for large periods of both matches and looking like scoring in most attacks.

We as a club are disappointed to be out of the Chile Cup, but we can be happy with our performance against a top tier side.



Well. Not much can be said about our league performance. We scored 4 goals in the two matches against a Primera division side but could only muster 6 goals in 14 matches in the Opening Stage.

And the lack of scoring was a huge issue. In most games we were never outplayed completely, but other teams scored their clear cut chances whereas we either failed to convert them or simply did not create any. 

The Board


The board invited Hurtado into their office twice in the season. The first time was after the 2-0 away defeat to Deportes La Serena. During this meeting Hurtado discussed how his side lacked luck throughout the match a deserved a better result, to which the board agreed.

However after the continued poor form Alejandro was invited back into the boardroom to discuss his own future.

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Hurtado was told that he needed to win his next match in charge or he would be relieved of his duties. Could the DPM dream be prematurely cut short?

3 Points or Sacked


We had the winter break to prepare for the all-or-nothing match against Iberia at home. Despite this we were unable to bring in any players due to our lack of available wage budget. And with no players being able to be moved on, we were not able to bring in any extra funds.

So, onto the match to make or break Hurtado’s dream. Can DPM pull off an incredible career saving victory?

Shattered Dream

shattered dream

So yes. Felipe Elgueta is now a #VivaGlobetrotting villain. We’ll remember him in 30 game-years time when we’re the best manager in South America… A 0-0 draw against Iberia was of course not enough.

After the game I was hoping for the board to say that the performance was good enough to afford Hurtado more time. But sadly it was not to be. The dream is over.

New Club, New Adventure?

Finding a job is surely going to be very difficult for an un-experienced manager with the stain of being sacked after just four months on his managerial cv.

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Indeed it took another four months for Hurtado to make any progress in interviews. After applying for several clubs across South America, including several second tier Ecuadorian sides, Hurtado has been offered a second bite at the cherry.


Union San Felipe, a Primera B side, have offered Alejandro the chance to redeem himself. And it is an opportunity that we will not be turning down. A chance to show our dream club Puerto Montt what they are missing perhaps?


Thanks for reading our eventful fourth part of VivaGlobetrotting. Despite being disheartened at our sacking from Puerto Montt, it’s pleasing to add a bit more realism to our journey.

Not very often do ex-footballers jump straight into management and create a legacy at their first club. We’ll have to do it the hard way.


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