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Alejandro Hurtado has had a very busy start to life as a professional manager. In just under three weeks in charge, Hurtado has added strength and depth to both the staff side and playing side of the club. Previously we spoke about how we’d overhauled our staff during our first week.

Over the next two weeks Hurtado managed to add nine players to the first-team squad. Also in this time we have implemented a tactic for our players to train prior to the first match of the season. 

This post will take us through the transfers that were made, a squad review and a look at our tactic.



To have made a £9K profit having signed 17 players and sold just one is good business on Hurtado’s part. The rules for the second tier of Chile state that you can register 7 foreign players, of which five can be included in the match day squad.

Deportes Puerto Montt’s squad had zero foreign players at the beginning of Alejandro’s tenure. This allowed us to search for talent outside of Chile.

Squad Review

Let’s run through some of the main players in our squad. We won’t highlight every single players as it will become dull, but we’ll have a look at some of the players that will hopefully become an integral part of DPM over this season and beyond.

nicolas-sequeira-gk transfers

Nicolas Sequeira was signed on a free and will be our first-choice keeper this year. He has potential to improve and will hopefully be in our first-team for the next few years to come.


Cristian Magana will most likely be our right-back this year. His low determination is a hindrance as he will not be suitable to use as a tutor. However with a couple of younger right-backs bought in on loan, Cristian will have to work hard to keep his place in the team.


Neither of our full-backs are likely to cause much trouble in attack, but hopefully both can be solid in defence. Rodrigo Jara is of a similar make-up to Cristian and will certainly be a mainstay in our side this year.


Our star. Juan Pablo Abarzua is going to be the lynchpin of our side, and a player who we can hopefully build the team around in the coming years. That 20 determination is incredible in a team that lacks that particular attribute.


Franco Mendoza will lead our attack. His experience with 282 league games under his belt will help us battle through tough periods.

The Tactic


The tactic that we’ll employ at DPM is a narrow 4-4-2 diamond. As of yet the tactic is in the earliest of development stages. It is just a case of seeing what works and adapting.

I fully expect us to avoid relegation, but I know it will be a struggle. With the ambitious mind of Hurtado running the club many things are possible. Could DPM surpass expectations and battle for promotion in their first season back in the second tier or will they suffer and consequently find themselves fighting relegation? Will our transfers shine or fade?

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