First Week | Puerto Montt: Chile #2 | Football Manager Stories

Alejandro Hurtado, our manager throughout this save, is into his first week of full-time management. His club, Deportes Puerto Montt, were recently promoted back to the second tier of Chilean football and are in desperate need of additional strength and depth in their squad. However with limited finances and poor youth facilities, this is a task that throws us straight into the deep end of professional football management.

The First Week

club-overview firsst week

Jessica Uribe, Chairman of DPM, welcomed us to the club with a brief overview, showing the previous achievements of the club. In addition it shows the clubs facilities. Our stadium has 10,000 all-seater capacity, which we will hopefully be able to expand over the coming years. The training facilities are average, but the youth facilities are basic. This will not help us improve our squad depth as most likely our youngsters will be poor.

team-report first week

Here is our team report. There are many areas for improvement that we’ll have to look into over the coming weeks. As previously mentioned, we have a lack of depth in our squad and no exciting youth prospects to speak about.


As you can see, our squad is thin. Over our first week in control we’ll need to have a look at bringing several players into the club. Juan Pablo Abarzua looks to be the standout player, with Felipe Lee-Chong the only real youth prospect with any potential.

v-chile-friendly-1-0 in first week

Alejandro Hurtado witnessed his new team beat Primera side Universidad de Chile from the stands. Due to this friendly being played on the day of Hurtado’s arrival at the club, he decided that it would be better for him to analyse the players without having to think about changes or tactics.


Financially DPM are not secure and are expected to lose money over the course of the season. In an effort to combat this, we must ensure that DPM survive in the second tier before mounting a challenge for promotion to the Primera Division.

Re-shaping the Club


Despite being our first-choice goalkeeper, 39 year-old Cristian Limenza was not the future of DPM. In a year, or possibly two, he would retire. Therefore we made the tough decision of selling him. We could only get £9K for him, but we needed the money to re-invest into bringing in more depth.


Listed above are the six players who we managed to sign. All of the players are young and will hopefully provide a good backup to our first-choice eleven throughout the season. We needed to buy younger players as currently DPM have no youth players. We need depth, and we hope that these youngsters provide it.



The staff structure at DPM has been totally revamped and a system has been put in place to encourage promotions within the club. For example, coaches in the under 19s setup are more likely to be promoted to coach in the first team than a coach sourced from outside of the club.

The reasoning behind this is to strengthen a club ideologogy over the course of the next few years. The first step in the process was to hire enough staff to fulfil our quotas and improve our staffing system to the highest possible and I believe we have done that.



It’s not looking good for Hurtado and co. Priced at 600-1, gamblers may want to place small bets on DPM, but smart money would be placed elsewhere.

All-in-all a busy first week at Deportes Puerto Montt. We have managed to bring in several youngsters, which is a start, but we desperately need to work on the training ground to build a tactic that will help us to survive over the coming season. Can Hurtado lead DPM to safety? Or will there be a shock on the cards in our first step in management?

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Any feedback is greatly appreciated. VivaLaVidaFM

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