YamYam_FM, comeontheoviedo | FM Content

Football Manager 2017 content creators are hard at work. This is the time of year when many different FM’ers think about sharing more content, attracting more viewers/readers and uploading more videos/posts.

We can’t just play FM, we have to share it. Share our experience. Share the highs and the lows of our save. There are many different FM content creators out there.

My aim with these posts is to introduce different creators each week to allow you to follow the careers of several different creators. This week I will be writing about YamYam_FM and comeontheoviedo, two excellent writers with two different saves.

Before I introduce these two writers, I want to mention a video I watched on YouTube. Lollujo is an FM YouTuber who is currently playing a Liverpool Beta save. 

Please have a watch of Part Six in his series. It contains possibly the best ever moment I have witnessed on Football Manager. Enjoy it!


YamYam_FM is currently managing Oxford United on FM17. The first post in the series is an introduction to the club with an outline of the plans for the save, including an overview of tactics, plans to invest in the club and methods of recruitment.

How will Oxford progress over the next few years?


The Boys of Bilbao. This is an introductory post to a very interesting career idea. Chris takes charge of Bilbao B team in the Segunda B division.

In this post several rules are outlined, including the rule that only players under 21 and from the Basque region can be signed, a rule that is imposed on the club.

Be sure to catch up on the series which is already a couple of posts in. The challenge of B-team management.

I’ll be sure to keep up to date with both of your saves!


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