Puerto Montt | Puerto Montt: Chile #1 | Football Manager Stories

Welcome to my new Globetrotting FM17 series here on vivalavidafm.com. In this save I will be taking on the challenge of winning each top competition in South America, with a view to progressing the save to other continents depending on my success. I, personally, have had a previous long-term save with Deportes Puerto Montt in Chile. Therefore I will begin this challenge with them.

Deportes Puerto Montt

Deportes Puerto Montt are a footballing side based in the Los Lagos Region in Chile. Founded in 1983, Puerto Montt are currently playing in the Primera B division in Chile, one league below the top tier. DPM have yet to record any successes in the top tier of Chile but will hope to change that under their new leadership. The side play their football at Estadio Regional de Chinquihue, a 10,000 all-seater capacity stadium, and have average training facilities and basic youth facilities.

deportes puerto montt stadioum

Colo-Colo and Universidad de Chile will present the biggest challenge moving forward in this save. These two sides are considered the best current Chilean sides and have great facilities too. However the first challenge in this save is to win promotion to the Primera Division. A challenge that will prove harder than first thought, with DPM predicted to finish eleventh in a fifteen team league.


Alejandro Hurtado

I will take control of DPM as Alejandro Hurtado. He is a young manager with no previous experience in football management. The overall goal will be to take Puerto Montt to the very top of Chilean football, winning the Primera Division. From there I will move across the playable leagues in South America. My overall goal of this save is to win every top competition and cup in South America. If I can complete this, I would love to move the save to another continent.



Alejandro Hurtado is a player I had used in a previous FM16 save with DPM. Although I did not have him for long, he was the first player in a line of young regens to be sold for a great profit. I scouted Hurtado for a long-time before signing him cheap. He played two years at Regional de Chinquihue before moving to Seville in Spain for 5 million Euros. Hurtado never really went on to great things at Seville and therefore I decided to choose his experience level to be Regional. He was excellent for me but could not transfer his talent to the bigger stage.

Over the next few weeks before the release of the full Football Manager game I will be playing this save briefly. I am currently in a beta save with Manchester United which you can follow on my Twitter @VivaLaVidaFM. This will be my main focus. Keep your eyes peeled for more posts over the coming weeks, with regular updates scheduled for the post FM full-release.

Thanks for reading, VivaLaVidaFM

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