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This is the time of year in which Football Manager content REALLY hots up. The FM beta version was released on Tuesday 18th October and since then we have seen endless amounts of content from the growing FM Community.

As detailed in my previous post in this series (you can find this by clicking here) I will be selecting a few content creators each week and reviewing their content. This is a way of my readers to begin to find other content creators and continue to grow our community.

The first two creators I would like to mention are ThatFMRegen and FM_Grasshopper.


Please see the link above for the first part of a very interesting series created by ThatFMRegen. The basis of the series is to complete the club and international Hexagon Challenge.

This is where you have to win all five Champions Leagues available on the game, plus the World Cup with an international side.

Without giving away any spoilers, ThatFMRegen has found his first club and there are several challenges that will test his skills. You need to read this.


This is one hell of a read. FM_Grasshopper has produced an incredible post on the history of his chosen club Estudiantes de La Plata in Argentina. There are several self-imposed rules that will make the save even more challenging.

You can find out what these rules are when you read the first part in a hopefully long series.

FM_Grasshopper has previously worked with Grasshopper Club Zurich in Switzerland, so Argentina will prove to be a very different climate to become accustomed to.

Best of luck to the both of you!


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