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FM17 is just around the corner. The Beta release is imminent and I cannot wait. For this reason I have decided to write this post to inform you of my plans, specifically my plans regarding my future series here on During last years edition of FM, I had a career in Chile with Deportes Puerto Montt. This save lasted over 15 years, and although I was not very successful, I thoroughly enjoyed working in a different league and with a club I did not know. For FM17 I want to manage Puerto Montt again.

FM17 Plans

Long Term Idea

I plan to make a series that will last the large majority of the FM17 cycle. This series will begin at Puerto Montt in Chile, and hopefully progress all around the world. My idea is to start by winning the league in each of the available South American countries, starting in Chile. This will be a big challenge in itself. But, if successful, I then would like to move on to other continents, potentially Northern America or Asia. If this series is to take place, then it would most likely run throughout FM17.

I haven’t thought of a name for this series yet, but I would like to start it during the beta. This all depends on the quality of the FM beta this year and whether there are any bugs that cause huge issues or not. Either way you can expect to see this series feature regularly on

deportes-puerto-montt plans

Short Term Ideas

As for shorter series, I always wish to have two series running on my website at one time. Like now, I have had The New Mourinho and The Maracaibo Mission running simultaneously. This adds variety to you, the reader, and me, the writer. I haven’t made any plans with regards to the shorter series ideas, but I know that I want to have them. If possible I would like to continue The Maracaibo Mission into FM17. You can read this series by clicking here for the first post.


More FM Content

I will be airing a weekly series whereby I promote other FM content creators. I will be collating several articles each week, allowing you to be able to find new and exciting content from other Football Manager writers. The first post in the series can be found here.

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Thanks for reading. VivaLaVidaFM

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