FM17 Features Video | What do we think?

On Thursday night, Football Manager released their eagerly anticipated features video, detailing the features that can be expected in FM17. If you missed it, you can see the video below:

What do you think of the features? I had a look on Twitter and have collated the opinions of many different Football Managers on the various new features of FM17.

The Features

Improvements to the Match Engine (ME)

As @Passion4FM simply put, there are clearly so many different opinions on the updated Match Engine for FM17. There are some people of the opinion that there has not been any significant improvement, specifically the improvement to the 3D play. However in terms of the decision making of the players being DOUBLED, this can only be a good thing, can’t it? I, personally, think that this single addition could improve the ME drastically. Having players making double the amount of decisions can only mean that the player attributes have greater effect on gameplay. Players with high vision and decisions will no longer take that long-ranged impossible shot when asked to play short passing football (let’s hope).

Manager Improvements

In short, the majority of people talking about the addition of putting your face into the game is a fun but unnecessary addition to the game. But I see no problem in adding it in, it won’t affect the gameplay, but it can add an extra personal touch to the game should you choose to utilise the feature.

Backroom Staff

Two new staff roles were shown in the video, the Data Analyst and the Sports Scientist. @DanCroft99 is clearly excited for the introduction of the new staff roles. This will add more realism to this years edition of FM as in real life the science and analysis behind football has become more prominent. Hopefully we will be able to improve our preparation for matches using the data provided by our new analyst.

Social Media

This is one of the most talked about features in this years FM. Social Media. It is part of the game now, with several cases of players being punished over their use of social media. In addition fans are able to interact with their favourite players and follow their tweets, bringing the fans closer to their team. This is replicated in the new FM with a social media tab dedicated to fan interaction. But what do people of Twitter think?

As you can see, the social media tab has split opinion, with some stating that there is no need for it, others delighted with the new addition to the game. I’m happy with it, it might be something that I use occasionally and then forget about, but it is another step towards a more realistic game. And that’s certainly fine by me.

Transfers & Contracts

The final feature that I want to look into is the changes to transfers and contracts. The addition of manager transfers is, in my opinion, an incredible addition to the game. So many times I have been offered jobs of teams I want to manager half-way through a season. I have had the decision to make of whether to reject my dream job or join my new club but leave my previous club in tatters. Now you won’t need to have to make that decision, with the ability to join a new club at the end of the season. Brilliant.

Transfers and contract negotiations have been overhauled, adding more realism to the whole process. This is a very important step in Football Manager, and one that I am excited to see and experience throughout FM17.

So, FM17 is nearly here, and the people of Twitter are largely very excited for it. Which team will you manage? Not sure? Then see my post on eight teams that you must try over the course of FM17 by clicking here. I hope you have enjoyed this little post on the new Football Manager features and stay tuned for more posts over the coming weeks and months (and hopefully years). VivaLaVidaFM.

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