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Hello and welcome to a short intro for a new weekly series on my website. After spending some time on Twitter (@VivaLaVidaFM) I have noticed that other accounts have produced content sharing other people’s FM stories and articles. This is something I am keen to introduce as a weekly segment here on

Intro to the Series

@KeysiRensie produces daily papers with several articles by different FM content creators and I urge you to check out these papers. I want to do something similar, but weekly. However, I want to share these articles and stories here on my website. This will involve me collating different stories that I read throughout the week and posting them in weekly updates.

@FMScrapbook also uses the same site to produce excellent papers. Please, give these two content creators a follow. They help to promote other content creators which can only benefit our small, but growing, community.

These are the two content creators who I have seen use this platform to promote other FM blogs, but I am sure there are more.

I hope that you will enjoy this addition to my content. Over the next few days I will be bringing out a post which will describe my plans for FM17. I plan to have two stories running simultaneously, but I will explain this more later. Thanks for reading this short intro and please do share this article around. VivaLaVidaFM.

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