The Club | Zulia FC: Venezuela #3 | Football Manager Tactics

The third part in our possession football series focuses on our club, and how we can hire staff, set up our training and send out scouts on assignments to best improve our club’s new philosophy. After meeting with the board, I chose to select ‘Play possession football’ as a philosophy to be judged upon. As manager of Zulia FC, I have set all of the staff responsibilities to myself. I want to have complete control over Zulia in order to fully implement our possession-based philosophy.

Club Staff

club staff-overview

Here is our staff before I have made any changes. Unfortunately we are fully loaded in terms of coaches, however I will be able to sign extra scouts and a physio.



Once I am able to sign my own coaches they will ideally have higher coaching stats in mental, tactical and technical. You will find out why in our training section.



For this first season I will be training the players in Tactical and Ball Control. These are the categories in which our coaches need higher attributes in mental, tactical and technical. The reason for this is because I believe that to be able to keep possession you need to have the technical skills of retaining possession, but also the patience and mental strengths to out-think the opponents.


I will sort out our individual training once I know the players a bit better and after we make our pre-season transfers. Generally I will set our players to learn the roles in which they will play in. In addition I am going to ask certain players to improve in specific areas for their position. For example our Box-to-Box midfielder can be trained in stamina, our wing-backs can be trained in their positioning etc.


Once I am able to sign more coaches, I am going to ensure that both Tactics and Ball Control are the priorities.


The final section of this post will discuss scouting, and how we can use this part of the game to increase our chances of finding players to suit our system.



On the scouting screen, I chose to set up a new assignment. Here I chose to search for a first team player to play in any position. On the second screen I can choose the age of the player, their value and also our scouts recommendation for the player. Furthermore I have chosen specific attributes for our scout to look for. In this case I have chosen work rate, stamina and composure as desirable attributes.

Moving Forward

Over the next few posts we will begin to move into matches and deeper analysis of the 2-3-2-3 system. Part Four of the Maracaibo Mission will focus specifically on pre-season. If you have any feedback please feel free to share it with me. You can comment on this post or find me on Twitter @VivaLaVidaFM. Thanks for reading! VivaLaVidaFM.

3 thoughts on “The Club | Zulia FC: Venezuela #3 | Football Manager Tactics

  1. Hi Men! I´m from Venezuela!. and just for coincidence I´m playing with Zulia FC too… but i don´t have the same data base that you have. can you tell me where did you get it please? thanks!

    Good Material!


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