Day One | Zulia FC: Venezuela #1 | Football Manager Tactics

Welcome to my first tactical post on VivaLaVidaFM. The following short series will focus on turning Venezuelan side Zulia FC into a possession based team.

Over the course of the next few posts I will go through my process when deciding how to put emphasis on retaining possession whilst remaining an attacking threat.

This first post will focus on the work you can do on your first day in the job.

Day One

day one on the job


After choosing to use the coaching qualification / experience based on Zulia FC, I set about selecting my manager attributes. Whether this makes a huge amount of difference or not doesn’t matter to me.

I decided that for a coach to install a possession based tactic into his team he must be competent in certain coaching areas. I gave my manager higher attributes in tactical, technical and attacking coaching as I feel these areas best suit our aim.

Our mental attributes won’t make any difference to how we want to play, therefore I just chose my skills as I would any other manager.

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One of the first things you do when beginning a new game is meet with your assistant and coaching staff. Normally you would just fly through these meetings.

However as we are choosing to play a possession style of play I have decided to arrange a meeting to discuss our club philosophies. I intend on choosing ‘Play Possession football’ as a philosophy to be judged upon.

The Tactic


For pre-season I will be starting with the system shown above, with a view to moving the attacking midfielder to striker depending on our success. I wanted to make this series a little bit different through trying to make a system work that I haven’t tried before.

The next post in this series will be an in-depth guide on the tactic and instructions. You can follow this link when the post is uploaded. For this reason I will be leaving the discussion on our tactic until my next post.

Possession-based systems

Passion4FM is a Football Manager website with many incredibly in-depth articles. The following link will take you to a post revolved around ‘tika-taka’ and Barcelona’s dominance using the possession-based style of play. Click here to be re-directed to Passion4FM.

Our players in our system will need to have specific attributes in order to be successful. Generally I will look for players with high work rate and stamina.

This allows us to press high and often, putting our opponents under constant pressure. I will also look for high attributes in composure and concentration.

Our players will need to be able to remain calm under pressure and have patience in breaking our opponents down.

What Next?

After creating your tactic there are still several things you should do on Day One before hitting continue. Please see below for my ideas regarding the future posts of this series.

Part Two: Our Tactic – An in-depth guide to our funky new system

Part Three: Building our club around possession. Hiring staff, setting up training and sending out scouts to help us in our aim.

Part Four: Pre-season.

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Once we get into matches I will be able to implement pro-zone into these posts. This is something I cannot wait to do. Pro-zone is a feature of FM that I really want to use but am sometimes too lazy to view.

Pro-zone in this series will be critical to the success of our tactic as I will need to find out what is going wrong and why.

Follow me on Twitter @VivaLaVidaFM for regular updates on this series and the future of this website. Thanks for reading. VivaLaVidaFM

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