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I recently ran a poll on my Twitter (@VivaLaVidaFM) asking why people read Football Manager Stories. At the time of this post the poll is still ongoing and you can vote and/or see the results in the tweet below.

The highest percentage of voters went for ‘Story Narrative’. This is the style in which I have based my first FM series ‘The New Mourinho‘. However many votes went to ‘General Tips/Advice’ and ‘Tactical Help’. So far in ‘The New Mourinho’ I haven’t touched upon tactics much. I have instead focussed more on the narrative and made the story revolve around our fictional manager Joseph Robson. From the results of the poll I want to bring a new series to my website before the upcoming release of Football Manager 2017.

New Series

From the thumbnail you will see that I will be starting the series in Venezuela. The team I have chosen for the series is Zulia FC. They are a Primera Division club based in Maracaibo, hence the title ‘Maracaibo Mission’. The format of this series will be different to that of the journalistic styled The New Mourinho in that this will be written in 1st person. In addition I will be basing this series around the tactical side of the game.

For this new series, I will be trying to develop a possession-based tactic that will dominate other teams, aiming to tire opponents out quickly and pounce later in games. This series may only run for a season or two before FM17 comes out but it will provide a different style of story telling.

The New Mourinho Future

What will happen to Joseph Robson? A question that is on most people’s lips, I’m sure. At the time of writing, Part 12 has been released. This is the start of our second season in charge of Accrington Stanley and will be the last season of the series. Robson will be hoping that he can push his team towards the three automatic promotion places to end the series on a high.

Both of these series were intended to be short-term series. With FM2017 on the horizon, it wouldn’t make sense to continue a series on FM16 that was just a couple of seasons in.

Get Involved

Follow me on Twitter @VivaLaVidaFM. Tweet me your thoughts on my posts. Or give me ideas for the future. You can also subscribe to this website to receive emails when new posts go up. I want this to be an interactive website, whether that is here in the comments or on Twitter. So go on, tell me what you think. IF YOU RUN A FOOTBALL MANAGER BLOG PLEASE GET IN TOUCH. I want to know how you got started writing Football Manager articles. How did you grow your platform? What kept you motivated?

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more VivaLaVidaFM updates.

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