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Football Manager have released a teaser video in anticipation of the mid-October beta release. Released on the big screen at Watford FC prior to their match against Manchester United, the video is a short but sweet teaser for the next Football Management installment. You can see the video in the tweet below:

For an in-depth review on each particular screenshot in the teaser see the embedded video below. DoctorBenjy is a Football Manager Youtuber with over 30,000 subscribers (at time of post). Please visit his channel and watch some of the excellent daily content there.

You can visit Ben’s channel by pressing this link.

The Football Manager 2017 Teaser Features

  • News item to help you decide which players to offer new contracts, to sell or to send on loan
  • When choosing your captain, information is displayed on news item regarding the attributes for the best captain.
  • Changes to the commercial summary news item, including fancier graphics and an easier to read display.
  • New staff role of Chief Data Analyst
  • New monthly financial updates in your inbox
  • Improved interface when looking to compare prozone stats.
  • Improved fitness tests, with reports including recommendations.
  • Scouting reports on opponents are more in-depth.
  • A deeper look into the youth teams, with match reports including visual graphics on player performances.
  • Players are now able to complete coaching courses, allowing for a pathway into your teams staff after their retirement from playing.
  • Greater in-depth team report, with a similar interface to scout reports.

Please see the embedded video by DoctorBenjyFM for a more deatiled analysis of the teaser video. Further features are set to be announced mid-October, so a bit of a wait for fans of the franchise. You can expect further updates when more features are announced.

If you haven’t already, check out The New Mourinho, a series which follows Joseph Robson’s quest to emulate the successes of manager Jose Mourinho and also to become a world-renowned football manager.


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