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Joseph Robson’s life as a football manager has had a pretty rocky start. A relegation with York City was followed by a long unemployment spell before finding Accrington Stanley in the National League. Yet despite having a decent start at The Reds, problems have begun to develop over Robson’s first four months in charge. Accrington currently sit in eighth place at the turn of the year and will be desperately looking for a quick turnaround in fortunes.


Problems in Attack

Winless in seven league matches, Robson may look to bring in some fresh faces in the January transfer window. However with a squad seemingly capable of much greater things, critics have begun to question Robson’s tactics. Most cite the lack of goals as the main reason for the failures so far. Rachel Crawford, of The Non-League Paper, spoke with Robson about Accrington’s problems going forward.

“I think you need to praise our opponents. Defensively we have found them difficult to break down and this is something we need to look at. Nonetheless we expect greater things of ourselves and are doing all that we can to turn things around. The lads have been fantastic at training of late and I am very optimistic of our chances moving forward.” Joseph Robson

problems in form

Cup Runs


Accrington can be proud of their performances in cup competitions so far this year. With little to speak of in the league, fans have been appeased by some fine performances in the cups, especially the FA Cup. Accrington have managed to reach the 3rd Round and will face Cardiff at home.

Over the next couple of months Robson and his team will need to look for many much improved performances to rise up in the league. With promotion a necessity for Robson and his future career aspirations, a lot rides on the next three to four months.


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