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Accrington Stanley are looking for a new beginning. The club were formed back in 1968 after the liquidisation of the original Accrington-based football team. They have recently lost their Football League status for the first time in eleven years. The Lancashire club have chosen Joseph Robson to take charge and he will be looking to improve upon his performance whilst managing York City. The young manager cannot afford another stain on his cv.

New Beginning

squad depth

luke moran

Joseph Robson has a League Two quality squad available to him and will need to ensure he can utilise his best players. Luke Moran is a young defensive midfielder and is considered by Robson to be the future of this team despite still only being 18.

“Luke has potential to be a very talented player. He will be our first choice defensive midfielder throughout this season with the team being built around him. His determination is something that I hope will rub off on his teammates. I am very happy with the overall depth we have in this squad and I’m looking forward to what should be a good year for this club.” Joseph Robson

the tactic

This is the tactic that Accrington will be playing for the start of the season, using Moran as an anchorman in front of the defence with attacking full-backs overlapping the wingers. The front two work together harrassing opposition defences with on loan Joe Powell linking attack to defence in the centre of midfield.

First Six

New Beginning

Fans of Accrington have hailed new boss Robson after their first six games of the season. In particular they have praised the attacking displays from the side. Robson has instilled a ruthlessness into the team this year and therefore can be pleased with the progress made. However, it is important for the team not to become complacent. Since only two teams can be promoted from the Conference, Accrington will need to win the league to avoid the added drama that comes with the Play-Offs.

manager of the month

Five wins in six games has led to the awarding of Manager of the Month to Robson, which is the first accolade of his career. It has certainly been a new beginning for Robson. Despite this, a couple of poor games will undo this good start, meaning Robson cannot afford to relax. The board want Play-Offs, but anything less than promotion would be failure. Especially as Accrington are looking to bounce straight back to the Football League.

Will Robson be able to keep up the good start and can Accrington continue to improve?

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