Football Manager is back! | FM2017 News

Football Manager 2017 has been announced on social media via the @FootballManager Twitter account. An early announcement compared to previous years. The intended release date for the 2017 version is scheduled for Friday 4th November and includes a very tasty offer for Football Manager veterans.

Football Manager Pre-Game Beta Version

There has been no announcement on the release date for the beta version, however you can pre-purchase the game on Steam with the option to include the beta version. This version is usually released two weeks prior to the full game release date so we can expect this towards the last few weeks of October. Essentially the beta version is the full-game with some fine tuning still to be done before the full release. Sometimes you will encounter bugs that cause crash dumps or simply just in-game problems. These can be reported to be fixed prior to the release of the main game. You can continue your careers through onto the full version of FM.

Steam-Only Discount Offer

In the tweet below you will find an offer for players who have played previous versions of the game through Steam.

“As a ‘thank-you’ to loyal fans of the series we’ve worked with our friends at Valve to offer a Steam-only discount of 5% off for every Football Manager game owned on PC, Mac or Linux dating back to Football Manager 2013. This means there’s a possible 20% available to fans who own the last 4 versions of the game!”

A 20% discount? Thank you very much!

Both Sports Interactive and Football Manager have yet to announce features for FM2017. We can usually expect features to be made public during September time when the football season is fully under-way. Last year the features were made public via the Football Manager twitter feed, a novel idea. Perhaps the same will happen again this year, perhaps not. In whatever manner the features are announced, it will not compare to when Miles Jacobson stood around an empty stadium describing details of the game for FM09. Those were the days.

Stay tuned for more information regarding Football Manager 2017. All announcements will be posted in the FM17 News section on

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