Encouraging Signs | Eastbourne Borough #3 | Football Manager 2019 Stories

Erwin van Dijk has now been in charge of Eastbourne Borough for a full season and is said to be very happy with the progress made by his southern English side. On the face of it, this season has been a relatively mediocre season with Eastbourne finishing 14th in the league, but taking a closer look at the club will uncover huge improvements off the pitch. Van Dijk is the man to thank for that. Continue reading

The Sexi Brexi 5-2-3 / 3-4-3 | Sexi Brexi #2: Stockport | Football Manager 2019 Stories

In the first episode Hansa Rostock owner Rolf Elgeti sold manager Marcus Allbäck’s house, bought Stockport County FC and moved himself, Marcus Allbäck and Mr Cat in the Hat to England. To catch up on that post, follow the link in the image below! Continue reading

Half Time Analysis | Eastbourne Borough #2 | Football Manager 2019 Stories

Erwin van Dijk has settled in well to football management. In the first few months managing Eastbourne, van Dijk has begun to develop his own style of management. For so long during the latter part of his playing career, van Dijk studied his former manager Waisale Sivivatu and truly believed that his method was THE method to achieve success. Yet his first few months of real management has taught him that there is not one single method to achieve success. Continue reading

Now sell it! Just do it! | Sexi Brexi #1: Stockport | Football Manager 2019 Stories

Welcome to my new FM19 series! Before you even start reading this post I’d like to ask you a favour. Help me to help you. Turn on your imagination and play along with me in order to enjoy this series as much as possible. Each episode will be preceded by a story based introduction, where I’ll hopefully be able to give the series a bit of life and colour. Continue reading

Erwin van Dijk | Eastbourne Borough #1 | Football Manager 2019 Stories

The word ‘journeyman’ is a well-known term in the Football Manager community. The dictionary defines a journeyman as ‘a worker or sports player who is reliable but not outstanding’ yet the word is more commonly known as a person who has played for / managed multiple clubs in their career. Marcus Bent, Nicolas Anelka, Christian Vieri and Jari Litmanen are some of the most memorable journeymen to have graced football in recent years. Rivaldo, too, played for 14 clubs in his career. Erwin van Dijk is another name to add to this list. Continue reading

Closing Time | The Swedish Mafia #7 | An FM18 Story


For several reasons, both personal and work related, I didn’t have the time to finish the posts for this series in the time I hoped. As FM19 has just arrived it’s time for both me, Rolf Elgeti and Marcus Allbäck to move along. However, I hate loose ends, and I want to bring closure to this series. Therefore I will post one final episode below, where I briefly go through the final years of the series. Enjoy! Continue reading

FM19 | My Plans For The Future Of VivaLaVidaFM

Back in September of 2015 I started a blog named True FM Stories where I wrote about my journey towards managing Real Madrid after starting my career with East Fife. This blog never got off the ground and I packed it in after just a few weeks. Nonetheless, this experience in creating a blog, writing content and sharing it with a wider audience was invaluable when it came to my decision to give blogging another go in August 2016. Continue reading